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A resale certificate is a document that allows retailers to purchase products from without having to pay local sales tax for the items. 

If you are a reseller with a valid resale certificate, we can adjust your account so that you are exempt from paying Tax on orders purchased through this site. Please note that this process requires you uploading your resale certificate here and then adding to cart. This is not a purchase and will not cost you anything to do so. It is just a way for you to add your certificate to an Order so that we can process your Account status

One of our Customer Service Team Members will adjust your Account settings. This is not an automated Service and may take some time to complete.
In addition to this requirement, your first order, or previous orders made on this website may not get the tax exemption status. Please contact us to refund any taxes that you may have paid and we can process the refund upon receipt of the Reseller Certificate and adjustment of your account for future order Sales Tax Exemption.

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